Pawitched Monthly Pawty

RVSP here:
Each month our #pawitched family hosts a pawty, not just for witches! Even if you’re not a member you are entirely welcome to come, it’s for the whole anipal community! We have a full service bar with witch barktenders ready to poof you up a snack or mix you a drink in her cauldron, or maybe a DJ witch will play you some music on her crystal ball! All welcome to join in the fun!

@DoggyMolly plays some music on her crystal ball


@DaCupcakeKitty mixes us some drinks in her cauldron


For Pawitched members you can use your pawitched avi if you like or contact @dacucpakekitty and she’ll make you another for pawties.

For non-members here are some options, tweet @dupcakekitty which number you would like followed by a face shot for her to use. If none of these catch your eye you can either tweet @dacupcakekitty with some requests, have another avi maker do it or if you’re comfortable with avi making go for it yourself, but if you are going to dress like a witch please nothing offensive to our witches, witches are people too! Also don’t mess with a twitched out witch because she could turn you into a sardine with the twitch of a nose!

Singles:(for non-members only)


Number 1, a witch costume. Something simple and stylish, NO green fur, NO ugly warts or long noses, right for the witch who’s ready for a night in the town!


Number 2, a warlock costume. A typical long robe, beard and magical stick. Apparently this is how you see warlocks? Oh well, we’ll let this one slide..


Number 3, cartoon spider. An adorable little purple cartoon spider, includes web spinning powers, compliments of Endora.


Number 4, cartoon black cat. Everyone says dog is man’s best furiend, well meet cat, witches best furiend.


Number 5, cartoon bat. Ever heard of the song everybody wants to be a cat? Well this outfit will have you singing everybody wants to be a bat!


@Mariethetabby and non-member @LovePookieCat

Number 6,Cartoon witch and cat. Witch and cat are best furiend like I said, but Ryker is really bold if he’s letting Aunt Clara give him a ride!
(Fur Avis for both couple and single available just tweet @dacupcakekitty with what you want example witches hat)


Witches Brew, made by our witches themselves

Candy Corn Shots, after a few of these they aren’t so sweet.. but your wife might seem a bit sweeter

Bloody Mary,(not real blood…maybe..)

Witch Hat Pizza, doubles as a fashionable accessory
Mini Mummy Hotdogs, don’t worry they’re harmless…for your health,no guaranties they won’t attack you

Black Cat Cupcakes, a witch’s best furiend and not just because they’re black cats…witches love cupcakes too

A Witch Specialty, made by witches for witches… fine.. mortals too

NOTE:The date of this month’s pawty is on the side bar and the hashatg for the pawty is #Pawitched


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