One blind mouse

Published September 1, 2013 by pawitched

Oh mother mother mother.I hope she has something more than just the same old mouse trick for Darrin,although he may not agree.Turn him into a mouse than off to a sunny spot in the Bahamas,then I Poofed her to the middle of the ocean.Unfortunately there was a cruise ship there,not to worry.I hope she knows that the captain always goes down with his or in this case her ship.All I can say is bon voyage!-Samantha


Never twitch and tell

Published August 30, 2013 by pawitched

Every classy witch knows,you never twitch and tell.Unfortunately mother is a woman of class.Looks like I never will find what exactly she is planning on Darrin. I’m very worried you know I haven’t seen him in days!-Samantha

Pawitched Announcement

Published August 28, 2013 by pawitched

Dear furiends,
Sometime in the near future our pawitched pawty would like to have a “tip jar” for a pal who needs some financial help.If you know anyone who might be interested in this please tweet or DM @dacupcakekitty on twitter.As well we would like to do quizzes to earn prizes in the future,if you are a quizzer or could donate anything that would be great (or even share your knowledge on it,we can use all the help we can get)Thank you -Samantha

Rudolph took a pitstop

Published August 27, 2013 by pawitched

It’s not every day you can say “Rudolph took a pitstop in my backyard” Well fortunately enough for my neighbor Gladys,she could say that,even if everyone thought she was going crazy.Yes,with the not so handy handiwork of my mother, Gladys could say that last weekend at pawitched monthly pawty. How did it resolve?Well the same way it always does,with Gladys gulping back the medicine-Samantha

I dream of meanie

Published August 26, 2013 by pawitched

Now of course a witch can do regular magic,the harmless stuff!However a genie is capable of this really crazy voodoo,also known as black magic.Well this Jeannie decided to do a little black magic smeared with red on my husband at pawitched monthly pawty.Black magic meaning having him under her control by magic and smeared in red meaning getting lipstick all over his face and neck!Luckily Dr Bombay got this curse off of him and the use of my frying pan was not needed.However,he may have been turned into a pig in the process-Samantha



Pawitched pawty is TOMORROW

Published August 23, 2013 by pawitched

For those of you who don’t know pawitched has a monthly pawty. This monthly pawty is scheduled for tomorrow at 12pm-12am EST so gather your broomsticks!There is more information on the page titled “Pawitched monthly pawty” so if you haven’t already be sure to check it out.There will be music,noms,dancing,and of course witchcraft (who knows Serena- @doggyMolly- might even decide to play some darts!) It is a pawty you won’t want to miss!-Samantha